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"Mike Williamson & Friends Radio Show"

Join Mike and his musical guests on demand anytime. You'll hear Patte Armato Lund, Larry Higgs, Dorothy Paige Turner, Bruce L. Warden, Mike Alongi, The Moonlight Jazz Orchestra, Cary Sheley's Little Big Band, Russ Loniello, Rick Burns, Bob DeVita, Bob Rub, Eddie B. Jazz, Joan Hammel, Dan Voll, Michael Rose Band, Mike Pizzuto, Narcy Opon, Maureen Christine, Mike Alongi, The Groove Hotel, Denny Diamond, The Jodi Beach Trio, Alex Byrd, Clutch Cargo, John Primerano, Ron Holm, Robb Edwards, Valerie Campbell, Ron Pedersen Trio, Narcy, Bruce Warden, Trish Driscoll, Julian DeLuna & Company, Rose Kingsley, Jan Daley, Beverly Church Hogan, Maxine and many more talented regional musical artists along with Reunion, The Lettermen, Frank Sinatra, Steve & Eydie, Vic Damone and Jack Jones.

 A new episode debuts every Monday at 7:30 PM and runs all week

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 7:30 PM Central Standard Time 

and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 1:30 PM Central Standard Time


The WTPB-LP Radio Guys: Click HERE for our station video

Mike Williamson  John "Radio" Russell   David Fagen    Murray Hanson

We welcome our newest "Radio Guy", Don Ferguson, to WTPBLP

Each of Don's shows is comprised of songs from Broadway and Hollywood Musicals. 

He provides insightful background and explains how each song fits into the story.

For the complete schedule of shows please visit us at  WTPBLP.com


THANK YOU to our friend Herb Allen and Main Street Financial 

  for their underwriting support of WTPB-LP and the  "Mike Williamson & Friends" Show.

Now available On Demand anytime and anywhere and the station's new website is: www.wtpblp.com

A note from Mike Williamson: After years of listening to my radio heroes Doug Mc Duff, Bill Korst and Bill Phillips I am now a "radio guy"! It's a thrill to bring our show to you every day in Rockford, Illinois and streaming "live" online at www.wtpblp.com (just click "Listen Live"). Many thanks to station manager Murray Hanson, our chief engineer Michael Hayden, John "Radio" Russell, David Fagen, Don Ferguson for giving me the opportunity to bring some music to the airwaves that doesn't usually get played. 

Special thanks to our friend Marion Ross ( Mrs. Cunningham on "Happy Days") for her support of WTPBLP. 

Ms. Ross, like Murray Hanson and I, is originally from Albert Lea, MN.

COMMENTS ABOUT THE SHOW - Email Mike at WilliamsonMusic@hotmail.com

Thank you to Mike Williamson ... tell him his show made my evening.

 Congratulations (to Mike W) "his show was absolutely lovely ... it was magnificent" 


"Unchained melody by Clutch Cargo was simply wonderful. Thanks for playing it!"


WTPB-LP.com is crystal clear On Demand here on the Yemen border of Saudi Arabia!  It sure is great to here some of the familiar voices while on the far side of the world!  قزڣڪڦ   ذخش شغقײي

"You can say now that people are listening to your radio show On Demand in Cabo San Lucas, my cousin's family loved the show - Thanks, again, God bless you - Eloisa

"Applause-applause" for the marvelous job you are doing with your WTPB LP program:  A mix of the usual  professionalism of Mike Williamson; great comments and reminescents of times past and present; great music and artists.  Keep it up, my man!  More applause!! - Matt Spinello.

Thanks for the airplay and hope your show is a big success......Take care,  Gary Pike - The Lettermen and Reunion

Listened to your show On Demand on Guam and it sounded GREAT.  You and WTPB-LP must have the finest engineering staff available to provide such high quality programming half way around the world! M.H.

Just finished listening to the show.  Fastest  half hour I ever spent.  99.3 needs to have you on for at least an hour every night if possible.  To offer a critique:  two words sums it up.  Utterly fantastic.  Great show, great work, can't wait for the next broadcast - Paul Bachrodt.

We were able to get your show On Demand, so we listened to it this afternoon.  You are just a natural for radio!!  Your music sounded wonderful, and your speaking voice and your relaxed style are just perfect - T.R. 

Hi Mike -Just finished listening to your first? radio show - Jan.19th - and must compliment you on the good job you did. I enjoyed the show; don't think I ever heard Larry Higgs or Maureen Christine before. Is each show going to be different or will they be repeated during the week? - Ed (The shows debut on Monday night and then are repeated for that week Ed)

Mike sings at The Butterfly Club in Beloit, WI with musicians that include RICK BURNS, BOB DEVITA,  BOB RUB and THOM FISHE.

He also entertains on the last Friday of every month at  The Stockholm Inn in Rockford, Illinois and

Mike and the Band perform one Thursday in every month at Pomodoro in Rockford, IL (Check Schedule Above)